Steady and easy to handle

The Päijän-boat is perfect for fishing, shooting and other holiday activities. It is easy to row and manoeuvre even in a stiff wind. The sport fisher appreciates the characteristics of the Päijän-boat beating to windward. The boat’s right-dimensioned weight, its precise designed bottom and the standard 5 cm keel gives the Päijän-boat its superb directional stability, usually found only in wooden boats.

The CE-shield of VTT


Päijän-soutuveneet täyttävät Euroopan Parlamentin ja Neuvoston direktiivien vaatimukset rakenteellisesta turvallisuudesta, asennuksista, vakaudesta ja varalaidoista. Kilvestä selviää maksimikoneteho, henkilöluku ja kuormituksen kg-määrä.

A  genious construction

The Päijän-rowing boat is a double-shell glass fibre construction. The inside of the boat is as smooth and beautiful as the outside. The seats and the pontoons are filled with non-absorbent polyurethane, approved by the Finnish National Board of Navigation, at high pressure.

1. A rising prevents the water from floating onto the seats.
2. Non-absorbent pontoons.
3. The minimum thickness of the bottom is 6 mm.
4. All Päijän-rowing boats have a solid keel. There is no danger for wear out.




The Päijän-rowing boat is also designed for dangerous situations. Even when waterlogged and fully loaded it will float. The polyurethane will keep the boat floating even if its outer surface is damaged. The seats and inside bottom are roughened to prevent slipping. There are special footrests for children.

The boat will not capsize. Its board can be loaded with 80 kg.

Easy to care


A double shell construction is easy to care and it is clean. The only cleaning needed is washing with a smooth brush and a mild washing agent. Depending on the care the user of the boat can enjoy it for decades